NEW! Now you can have healthier air with MINI UV LED LIGHTS for Ductless Air Systems

Install A Mini LED UV Light Today!

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We are excited to announce that we are now carrying a new product for your ductless indoor units. In light of the pandemic, we have been getting requests for better air filtration and purification for ductless (mini-splits) systems. The Mini UV LED Light is the first of its kind and can be used in your mini split or similar limited space applications.
All A/C systems, including mini-splits, are prone to mold growth and microbial contamination. This product solves that issue with an LED light strip that is designed to sterilize surfaces while having no harm to the plastic material.

Save $100 Off A New Mini UV LED Light Installation

$100 Value

What you get from Pronto Plumbing & SECCO Home Services:
• We will come to your home
• Give you personalized Mini UV LED Light options
• Present you with a comprehensive report with our findings
Pronto Plumbing & SECCO Home Services ensures 100% customer satisfaction on all installations
• NO service call fees. NO dispatch fees.

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The Results?

The air and surfaces in your home will be cleaner and healthier while your heating and cooling operation will be more efficient and greener, saving you money year-round. While there are not HEPA or Merv13 rated ductless filters, we do offer upgrades for most models. Finally, we now have a USA made product that offers the following benefits + features:
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Maintain a clean system from mold and microbial growth
Improve indoor air quality
Save energy/reduce costs by keeping coil clean
Extend the life of the mini-split
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Fits ductless mini-splits heating and air conditioning systems
50,000+ hour life expectancy/5+ years
5 year Part Warranty

Install a Mini LED UV Light today for healthier air at home all winter and all year!

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