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Dave Walls
Dave Walls 5.0

We had Frenchie and Chase here today to replace our sewer line. They both were very friendly and took the time to explain everything they would be doing before, during and after the job. Despite finding a bunch of rock in our yard during digging they ...completed the whole job in a very reasonable amount of time. I was impressed how efficient they were. When they were finished I thought the yard looked more level than when they started. Great job guys we appreciate it!Read More...

Beth Klinger
Beth Klinger 2.0

Price was 10 times more then the people we ended up using.

Brittany Vogt
Brittany Vogt 5.0

Aaron and Lebo did a great job installing a new water filtration system. They were professional and enjoyable to work with. I really appreciated that when they had a question they were not afraid to "phone a friend" to make sure it was installed ...correctly. I would highly recommend them and will use them for future services.Read More...

Kimberly Scalia
Kimberly Scalia 5.0

Jarrod & Colton (and their team) installed 3 sump pumps in addition to repairing a failed pump. They were communicative, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable. Worked tirelessly and long days. Fantastic customer service and highly recommend!

Jonathan Breeden
Jonathan Breeden 5.0

We called on Friday and they came out Tuesday to do a evaluation and give and estimate. We had a Plumber named Mike Rogers who was phenomenal, he explained everything and worked fast. He was a great guy who was very knowledgeable about the shower and ...toilet he fixed. I highly recommend him specifically for any plumbing services.Read More...

D Basilicata
D Basilicata 5.0

Mike R did a great job. On time, found issue immediately and made require repairs. Thank you Mike!

Billy Maroney
Billy Maroney 3.0

Will give a higher rating if and when the service techs show that they are encouraged to use some ingenuity and maybe even get creative by thinking (outside the SOP box) when it comes to saving the customer unnecessary financial burdens IE...called for ...service for a backed up sewer line due to a foreign object wedged into a blocking position located at the bottom of a 36" access port just outside the house. The blocking object was visible right where the access port met the sch 40 (36" down) leading out to the city line. The service tech, although very professional and pleasant was too quick to schedule a significant amount of heavy work to be done for a significant amount of $$$. The service call lasted about a half hour before the tech left with a deposit of $1000.00, of which, I understood, $500.00 was "non-refundable" but also figured that the non-refundable $500.00 would go to other fees and charges that the service company might pick up such as any needed permits and the port-a-potty. A port-a-potty was delivered 24 hrs later The service was scheduled for the coming Monday (like 4 days out) it would require digging, cutting, and replacing PVC material with new PVC pipe and Fernco's etc. It took me 2 days to decide to attempt to DIY. I hand dug around the access port 18"-20" down and then using a reciprocating saw cut the access port away and was able to easily grab and remove the foreign object blocking the Sch-40 line. I then used a double banded Fernco to re-secure the cut away access port. Filled in the work area, and raked it and done. Total out of pocket expense equalled a double banded 4" Fernco...about $4.69 and it's a quality fix...Pronto Estimate was $3400.00....TO ME, that's pretty damn significant From my perspective, the problem was and is that service techs are probably following an SOP (standard operating procedure) which eliminates any kind of ingenuity and resourcefulness that could save the customer unnecessary financial burdenRead More...

Robert Aronoff
Robert Aronoff 2.0

Have been customer of SECCO for 20 years so it pains me to write a poor review. Work consisted of replacement Heat Pump and Air Exchanger. 1) one of the workers burned the outside siding and had temper issues. 2) The filter rack for the air exchanger ...was a hack workaround i.e. did not use product from manufacturer. Resulting system requires me to take apart ducting and wrestle with extreme user-unfriendly system just to change air filter - every month. Who knows what other problems will arise from what I can not see. Not the quality of work I've had in past.Read More...

Marlene Simpson
Marlene Simpson 5.0

My husband woke up to get ready for work and there was no water. Heard water running under the house. Called and Conner came to the house and diagnosed the problem. Had a crew out that same day. The young men were able to fix the pipe and put in our ...new water heater. They were very hard working and professional. We are very pleased with the work they did.Read More...

David Miller
David Miller 5.0

Mike Rogers fixed our washer valves and even took off our hoses, even though he wasn't required to. He did all this with friendliness, and passion. He explained everything very well. My wife and I were extremely pleased.

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