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Jess Kuhn
Jess Kuhn 5.0

Over the past year and a half or so (we built our home just over 15 years ago), we've had issues with our kitchen sink backing up more and more frequently. We'd been successful in unclogging it ourselves until last fall when we first had to pay someone ...to come out and unclog it for us. It happened again last week and like the previous time it happened, we were unable to clear it ourselves. We called Pronto Plumbing and James Dixon came out. He was also unable to clear this one for us and, in looking at our pipes, said that with current code they should be larger in diameter and that we had no grading. He gave us an estimate to have it fixed with the larger pipe and grading, but unfortunately, we weren't able to have it completed that day and had to wait 5 days to get it done. We were very happy to have Cody and Cody show up to get it fixed for us; you don't realize how much you use your kitchen sink...until you can't! Cody and Cody were very personable and did a great job getting the job completed. They spent the time to explain everything they were going to do before starting and then to show me the completed work, walking through everything. They cleaned up the work area and left it the way they found it. While I wish the clog could've been cleared on the initial visit and I wouldn't have had to spend this much money right after the holidays, I'm glad to have a LONG TERM fix for the issue and look forward to NOT having my sink clog on what was seeming to be an increasingly more frequent basis! Thanks to James, Cody, and Cody! We appreciate your time and the work you did for us!Read More...

Alyssa Stewart
Alyssa Stewart 5.0

Had a leaking shower drain and called Pronto. The technician Mike Rogers showed up right on time. He completely explained the options after observing the issue and quoted a price for each option. Mike did a great job in replacing the defective drain, ...i was pleased with the outcome and the price, I would not hesitate to use Pronto again.Read More...

Bryan Reid
Bryan Reid 5.0

Dustin was fantastic! Friendly, accurate service and super helpful. Would readily go with pronto plumbing again. 5+ stars!

Christine Swartzlander
Christine Swartzlander 5.0
Jill Phillips
Jill Phillips 5.0

Ran into an unexpected problem installing a new toilet and decided to give it up and toss the issue to someone who can help. This is the first company I thought of and the only one to respond to a service inquiry. They scheduled us quickly, arrived on ...time despite me missing their call, diagnosed and quickly isolated the issue. The whole visit took less than an hour and I was quickly emailed an invoice with detailed photos. Team was courteous, professional, friendly, and interactive with our curious pets to boot. Definitely would recommend.Read More...

Robert Pramik
Robert Pramik 5.0

Alex and Dustin were very professional and courteous. They called to let us know they were on their way. Before starting the repair of our broken sewer line they explained what and how they were going to do that. They explained that they couldn’t ...guarantee they could save the bush but would try their best. They were very cautious while digging the hole because it was close to the house. They communicated on a regular basis and had us see each phase of the job. Once they got the broken line uncovered they showed us the damage and explained why it probably happened. They explained in detail how they were going to fix the problem. After fixing the problem they had us see what the finished repair looked like. When the repair was finished they used stone to protect the pipe and carefully replaced the dirt and tamped it with precision because it was close to the house. The job was completed professionally and correctly verses the way it was done prior to it breaking. They also took many pictures of each step so we could show the insurance adjuster. I would highly recommend PRONTO for all your plumbing needs!!! I would be remiss if I didn’t praise another Dustin, the person who came to look at the problem. He was very professional and knowledgeable. He ran a camera in our sewer line so he could recommend the best way to fix the problem. After giving us the estimate he explained that they have an individual who strictly deals with insurance companies by communicating with the adjusters, which was a big help. Dustin put us on the schedule right away. So thank you for being so kind and understanding with us.Read More...

Maximus M
Maximus M 1.0

12/18: We have now been asked to update our review with more stars because they “processed our refund”. However, they failed to inform me that the refund was going to be going onto our financing that we used for the original job. Which, I understand ...is usually their default, but this refund was specifically supposed to be used to pay a company we trust to fix our concrete (which we discussed with them). I’m planning on calling accounting on Monday because we can’t fix the concrete if we never see the money. This lack of proper communication is entirely unprofessional. Again, we never leave bad reviews, but this is getting incredibly unfair and out of hand. UPDATE: We have now spent months trying to resolve the situation. We’ve given them so much time and patience. We had a concrete person they work with come out and make an estimate to fix the concrete and we were supposed to be refunded that amount. It’s been almost 2 months since that quote was done, and they’re still deflecting from giving us a refund amount and telling us itll just be “a few more days” or “by the end of this week.” We hate leaving bad reviews and never do, but people deserve to know that if you ever have issues with this company this is the complications you will struggle with. (I’d also like to note that the faculty I’ve spoken to not in management has all been lovely and obviously wants to also resolve this situation and feels remorse for the lack of professionalism and respect returned to us during this experience). I regret not getting a second opinion, PLEASE get a second opinion if you’re going to consider this company. I just bought my first home and had to put out $5,000 to this company that I now wish I wouldve read the bad reviews. They said a pipe collapsed and the guys came out to do the work and they jackhammered right next to my washer and dryer and didn’t move them. Theres a large crack in the concrete running under the washer. There are also gaps in between the new concrete and old concrete, so there’s large separations in my floor. They left a huge mess and showed no care for cleaning it up. Ive been told 3 times now that management would reach out to me, and I have still heard nothing, so I’m coming here in hopes that someone see’s it and actually reaches out. If I could go back in time and call a different plumber I would, I want my money back. Incredibly unprofessional and disrespectful.Read More...

Kristen Budovec
Kristen Budovec 5.0

Frenchie and his crew were amazing, kind, professional, and efficient! They even entertained the kids with letting them watch them dig, repair our sewer pipes, and fill back in the dirt. Overall a great experience despite our "sh!%#y" situation. Thank ...you guys!Read More...

Daniel Solt
Daniel Solt 5.0

Codi and Cody were awesome. Did great work and in no time. Great service. Thanks guys

Ross Reeves
Ross Reeves 1.0

Mike Rogers was excellent. He was on time and did an excellent job installing a gas shutoff valve and installing a stove. He even took a couple minutes to help remove the old stove. I would have given Pronto a 5.0 but the price was a tad high...the ...service and response time were outstanding. I found out a day later that Mike wasn't so excellent nor was the company management. Mike failed to re-light the water heater pilot light causing a critical situation with my tenant. Pronto owned up to the issue but when the Property Manager beat them to property to fix the unfortunate situation they refused to reimburse me for the property manager cost and are not returning my phone calls. I would never use them again for my personal residence or other rental properties and will be letting all my friends know also.Read More...

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