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Is Your Water Quality Being Ignored?Water Treatment & Testing in Camp Hill, PA | Water Testing Harrisburg, PA - Pronto Plumbing

You’re thirsty so you fill your cup at your kitchen tap, but do you know what the quality of the water in your home is? Schedule Water Treatment & Testing in Camp Hill, Harrisburg & East Pennsboro Township, PA to see if your home’s water contains high levels of iron or manganese, pH problems, or a variety of other water quality issues that commonly affect the health of the water in your home.

We Install Water Softeners and Whole House Water Filters

Pronto Plumbing can help you solve your water quality issues with a variety of options and systems from metered water softeners, UV disinfection systems, sediment filters, air pump systems, acid neutralizers, whole house nitrate filters, carbon filters, iron/sulfur removal systems, and reverse osmosis systems. If your water is in need of professional water treatment call us today or schedule a call to have us test your water and determine a water treatment solution for your home.

Well or City Water

Whether you live in town and are on city water or if you live in the rural areas of Central PA and your home is on a well, your water quality may be poor due to the environment or conditions in your area. We’ve listed the most common water quality problems that we see in the Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, Carlisle, Dillsburg, and Harrisburg Areas for you to compare and see if a Water Treatment & Testing in Camp Hill, Harrisburg & East Pennsboro Township, PA might be the needed in your home.

Hard Water

Many homes in the area experience problems with hard water. If you have noticed that your faucets, showerheads, and plumbing fixtures have been accumulating a build-up of hard, white deposits where the water flows you are experiencing the effects of hard water. Not only will hard water cause an ugly build-up on your faucets and showerheads, it can shorten the life of your major appliances that use a water supply like water heaters, washing machines, and dishwashers.

Hard water is also not good for your skin, it can leave you feeling uncomfortable, with dry skin and hair and possibly lead to other skin health issues for people with sensitive skin.

Chlorine Smell & Taste

If you live in a municipality and you’re on “city” water, you are most likely being exposed to water that is being treated with Chlorine. Many municipalities use Chlorine during the water treatment process to kill bacteria in the water and in the pipes that supply the water to your home. This is an effective way to make sure the water is clean when it arrives in your home, but the Chlorine is no longer needed once the water is in your home.

If you are experiencing a Chlorine smell or taste in your water and wish it would go away, a carbon water filtration system may be what you need to make your water more pleasant to drink.

Unpleasant Tastes and Odors

Your water shouldn’t have a less than desirable taste or odor, in fact all water without any outside contaminants or minerals is odorless and shouldn’t have a taste. If your water has a unpleasant odor or taste it would be to your benefit to find the cause and remove it. Any of these two symptoms means there is a foreign contaminant in you water.

“My water tastes like metal” A metallic taste in your water usually indicates a high concentration of metal in your water either from zinc, copper, iron, or manganese. Zinc and copper are usually not a natural metal found in water and can often be traced back to the metal pipe and fittings found in your home (especially as those fittings and pipes age). The presence of manganese and iron though are usually a naturally occurrence and are metals that are found in ground water.

“My water smells like eggs or sulfur” If your water has the rotten egg smell you may have a high amount of hydrogen sulfide making its way into your water supply. If the concentration of the hydrogen sulfide is high enough it can also speed up the aging of the parts in your appliances that use water. This unpleasant water condition can be removed with a whole house Water Treatment & Testing in Camp Hill, Harrisburg & East Pennsboro Township, PA.

Stains in Tubs, Sinks, and Toilets

A very common sign that you may have a water quality problem is the presence of orange, rusty, or green stains on your plumbing fixtures.

  • Orange/Rusty Stains: These stains are often caused by high concentrations of manganese and iron in your water. If you are seeing these stains on your plumbing fixtures, you will probably also notice them on your light colored clothing and skin as well.
  • Blue/Green Stains: Many times the appearance of blueish/green stains are the sign of a low pH. This is a problem that can be diagnosed by Pronto Plumbing and corrected with one of our water treatment options.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above or others call Pronto Plumbing today at 717.533.1057. Our Expert Plumbers will be able to complete Water Treatment & Testing in Camp Hill, Harrisburg & East Pennsboro Township, PA. They can also offer you multiple solutions to help take care of and correct your water quality. Call Pronto Plumbing today for healthy and clean water in your home!

We serve Camp Hill, Carlisle, Dauphin, East Pennsboro Township, Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, New Cumberland, and Steelton, PA and the Surrounding Areas.

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