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Drain Cleaning in Camp Hill, Harrisburg, and East Pennsboro Township, PA

Drain Cleaning in Camp Hill, PA | Sewer Cleaning in Harrisburg, PA - Pronto PlumbingNo need to worry, we will respond to your blocked drain problems 7 days a week with our on-call technicians. Let’s face it, eventually all plumbing systems need Drain Cleaning at one point in their lifetimes. Keep in mind, exerting too much force can permanently damage your pipes or fixtures in your home. Sometimes figuring out what’s wrong with your toilet, drain, or other plumbing-related area is half the battle.

How Do Our Plumbers Clear A Clog?

All our technicians will first inspect the sink drains which have a curved pipe, and that is connected to the short pipe that leads to the drain itself. With a large wrench, they typically loosen this pipe and remove it from the short drain pipe. Chances are, most of your clogs will be found in this pipe, which can be cleared out, put back together, and the problem will be solved.

If that pipe is not the problem, the clog may be a bit farther down your pipeline. In that case, a stiff piece of wire called a Plumbers Snake will be inserted into the pipe in an effort to dislodge the clog, which will allow the water to flow once again. If none of these options seem to work, our technician will further inspect all possibilities that may lead to your clog, and is always prepared to stay as long as it takes to clear your clog the same day.

We offer all forms of Drain Cleaning in Camp Hill, Harrisburg, and East Pennsboro Township, PA

Whether it’s for your bath tub or main drain, our plumbers have the tools available to open your blocked drains for any situation, including, sinks, tubs / showers, toilets, floor drains, and main drain clogs.

7 Days/Week Drain Opening Service

You can schedule your drain cleaning any day of the week by either calling 717.533.1057, or by scheduling online. Tips to Avoid A Clogged Drain

  • Never dump chemicals like paint or paint thinner down the drain. Avoid pouring hot wax or other harmful substances in the drains.
  • Pour a kettle of boiling water down the drain once a week to melt away any fat or grease that may have collected. This can drastically decrease any chance of future clogged drains in your home.
  • You may want to use Bio-Clean, this unique drain cleaner turns waste into water while being rated the safest and most effective way to clear your pipes, ask your technician about Bio-Clean or you may purchase this over the counter at Pronto Plumbing’s main office TODAY! Fast-acting chemical drain cleaners usually contain a high concentration of lye or sulfuric acid which is extremely harmful to inhale and can also cause burns to your skin. And they are very harmful to have in households with children!

To schedule Drain Cleaning in Camp Hill, Carlisle, Dauphin, East Pennsboro Township, Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, New Cumberland, and Steelton, PA and the Surrounding Areas contact us today

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